Understanding the Festivities of the Punjab Hindu Culture

A festival is usually a gathering of many like minded people to share and celebrate something. It could also be refer to an annual one day or more than one when folks in an area get a holiday in which they could all celebrate. Festivals could also be national or religious. They could also be social events that feature various artistic programs including dances, music, movies, poetry, etc. Some of the major festivals in India are Holi, Diwali, Baisakhi, Independence Day, Valentine’s Day, and New Year’s Eve. These festivals provide the people of the Indian subcontinent with happiness and excitement.


Holi is the main festival of the state of Haryana in India and is celebrated with much enthusiasm and vigor on the 5th of August. This festival is celebrated in different parts of Haryana with special significance and the best time for this festival is between the months of August September. It is the most awaited festival as it marks the victory of good over evil. Diwali is another important festival of the state of Haryana which occurs between October and December.

Baisakhi is a Punjabi festival and is one of the major religious festivals of Punjab. In the state of Punjab, this festival is also known as Dusshera. It is celebrated in the month of October and is characterized by colorful costumes, lotus flower parades, snake charmers, music and dance, and food. This festival is particularly significant for the Punjabis because during this festival they use to tie the vermilion lotus which is a symbol of love and prosperity. This festival is highly revered by the Punjabis and is marked by many festivities and special occasions.

Another major religious festival of Punjab is Bhaiduj which is celebrated between the months of November and December. This is a celebration of love and affection. The gifts are exchanged between friends and family members and the emphasis is on sharing. This festival also marks the start of the new farming season in Punjab. During this festival, people celebrate by eating spicy food and make-up.

Guru Nanak’s festival is one of the largest festivals of the Punjab but it is lesser recognized than the other significant feasts and traditions. This festive occasion is characterized by multi-colored carpets, jewelry, and processions. It is one of the largest gatherings of all the Hindu and Muslim communities and is one of the most Celebratory feasts of the state.

There are many other significant Hindu religious feasts and celebrations that happen in Punjab but we have listed above just some of the major ones. A complete listing of all the festivals would be very lengthy and very tedious. To save time readers can just refer to the Punjab Hindu Festivals Calendar. The calendar is updated regularly and can always be found online at anytime of the day.