Qualities That Should Matter to the Event Planning Team

Events are essentially objects in moment or instantiation of timeless properties in timeless objects. By this it is meant that the objects themselves do not exist at the time of the event. On some accounts, only moment-by-moment changes in the shape of getting or losing an object can constitute events, such as the drying of the lawn. Still on other accounts, events have temporal aspects, involving changes in the world as we know it, as well as changes in people’s feelings and motivations.


It is in the later stages of event planning that the event concept and its event theme become significant. It is here that one must decide whether the event is to be primarily a social event, or whether it will be a cultural event, or perhaps a purely academic event. The event theme should therefore, support and center the vision of the host. It is in this way that the event planner can use the event concept to determine the content and format of the event.

In the process of determining the event concept, it is important to keep in mind that the event theme should not simply be a rehash of what has already occurred at some other occasion. Rather, the event concept should be such that it inspires fresh thinking, which may result in original ideas that were not considered while planning the event. The event theme should therefore, support and center the host’s vision of the event and its ultimate goals.

The next concern is that of the event styling. The event styling and the event concept need to work hand in hand to ensure that the event is a success. One of the best ways of ensuring this is by ensuring that the event styling and the event concept mesh well with each other. The event design should incorporate aspects of both the event theme and the event styling in equal measures, thereby providing for a successful event styling.

Another thing to consider is that of the audience. The event theme and the event styling need to address the needs of the audience and cater to their interests as best as possible. If the event theme and the event styling are not aligned with the target audience, there is a strong chance that the event will have limited appeal. This may lead to a sizable turn-out, but this would not be what the attendee had in mind. On the other hand, if the attendees of the event have a particular interest in or are actively seeking to pursue, the event theme may not be able to adequately cater for their needs and interests.

A third issue that is worth considering is that of the quality of service provided by the event planners. The quality of service that the event concept and the event styling provide is very important. There are many things like how the guests are entertained and accommodated during the event, the level of service that is extended to the attendees and the level of satisfaction felt by the attendees that are part of the event concept and styling. The quality of service and the satisfaction levels will go a long way in determining the success of any event. When these things are taken into account, it becomes easy to judge whether the event concept and the event styling and planning are doing their job effectively. It also becomes easier to judge whether they are meeting the requirements of their participants and providing them with what they want.