Festivals in Pakistan and India

A festival is basically an occasion usually celebrated by a group and centering around a characteristic feature of the community and its religious beliefs or customs. A festival comprises the common practices of the peoples of a culture, religion and nation. The festivals represent the life of the nation, culture, and sometimes a region, town or village. Generally in the case of a traditional festival like Holi, the focus is on celebrating the love and relationship between the families and nature spirits by decorating their lives with beautiful colors, marks and symbols.

Festivals are common all over the world. They are celebrated to share the people’s love, strength, happiness and grief. A festival celebrates the unique traits and customs of the indigenous groups. It also highlights the common heritage of the people belonging to a certain region, culture, nation and religion. A festival requires a traditional citation needed to conduct the celebrations, which can be translated into the local language of the area where the festival takes place.

There are many festivals that are celebrated all over the world. Each of these festivals symbolizes something different. In India, for example, there are several major festivals that happen around the year. However, the most popular and widely celebrated festival is Durga Puja. This festival is celebrated to honor the Goddess Durga who is the daughter of the gods and is considered the most powerful and intelligent among the gods.

In Pakistan and Punjab, there are many festivals that take place. These include the religious festivals like Eid, Id-ul-Fitr, and Bakri Id. They are celebrated with great fervor and enthusiasm with all the villagers and other citizens joining in to make the festival a grand affair. In addition to this, the major religious places like Islamabad and Rawal were also involved in the celebrations.

During the Id-ul-Fitr festival, thanksgiving is shown to the near and dear ones. In Islamic countries, the festival is celebrated with the grand celebration known as ulama. This festival also includes several feasts that are attended by hundreds and thousands of citizens. These feasts are very lavish and include many delicacies. Some of the delicacies that are served during the religious festivals include ice-cubes with special sauces, butter, fruits, nuts, raisins, dates and many others.

In Indonesia, there is the Celak festival which is celebrated with all the members of the community. During this festival, they will sing, dance, eat, and make speeches. The celebration ends with the presentation of a grain or a crystal glass on top of a mountain. The citation needed for the Celak festival must be read in the Indonesian language, by an imam or an Islamic scholar so that it will be fulfilled and will bring good luck.