Tournament Types


Tournament Types

A tournament is simply a competition between at least two competitors, in which each player is playing in an attempt to win. More specifically, the word can be used in either of its competing senses: as a championship or as a challenge. Today, tournaments can take many forms. For example, a basketball tournament involves teams of two or more from various nations or sports.

A tennis tournament, on the other hand, is usually played within a set time frame, with the goal of reaching the final and/or winning match. Chess tournaments usually have grand finals, with the eventual winner being the player or team with the most number of grandmasters. Baseball tournament play also involves a set number of games, where the team with the most wins at the end wins the tournament. In some cases, i.e. the Olympic tournament, there is an award of gold, which is given to the team with the greatest performance.

Tournament play generally involves teams of at least four, but some tournaments are played in teams of only two. Usually, elimination rounds separate the contenders from the contenders with the best records, with the ties breaking the final outcome of the tournament. The teams with the worst records in the tournament are usually eliminated first, followed by teams that have a good record.

For many tournaments, qualification rounds determine the seeds for the playoff tournaments. For instance, in the Masters’ tennis event, the top four finishers automatically qualify for the tournament. In most pools, however, meetings are made based on the results of earlier rounds, with the exception of the Korean and European championships. In most cases, after the elimination brackets, the remaining seeds will be decided by the results of subsequent matches.

Generally speaking, the most popular tournament type is the double elimination bracket. This is where all the first and second place teams from the initial round are competing. The winner of the double elimination becomes the team with the most winning points. Usually, the second seed will be in a better position than the first seed, but in some cases, this scenario has not occurred.

Pool play is also common in some tournaments. As the name implies, in pool play, players are divided into smaller groups. Every team wins its matches from each of the groups, and the final standings are used to determine the tournament’s winner. Sometimes, these tournaments require players to play in additional matches to determine the outcome of the group. As you can see, there are plenty of tournament types available to choose from.