Popular Festivals of India

A festival is an occasion usually celebrated by a group and centered around a theme or characteristic attribute of that community or its culture. It’s often celebrated as a national or local holiday, festive celebration, or special cultural festival. The word “fiesta” comes from the Spanish word which means celebration. Generally, a festival celebrates a group or community’s most important religious figures or beliefs.


In Western cultures, festivals are widely observed and celebrated every year. There are Christian festivals as well as secular ones and are widely attended and observed by all segments of the society. As for Asian festivals, there are Chinese New Year, Korean New Year, Japanese New Year and Indian Holi. These festivals connect us to our spiritual roots, tradition and history.

In addition to celebrating something, these festivals may also be to mark a transition or a coming change. For instance, Chinese New Year can be considered as a transition period between old and new. Similarly, Korean and Japanese festivals may mark the beginning and end of different years. On the other hand, Indian festivals are celebrations of love, life, and spirituality. Similarly, New Years are observed as a time to wish friends and family members on their New Year’s Day and commence a new journey towards a better future.

Festivals are a great way to celebrate something, but a festival citation needed to be published in a public venue so that people can take notice of the festival. A festival citation needs to list the date, time, place, and host of the event as well as the theme and time of the festival. For instance, if it is a children’s festival, the festival citation will have to mention the main character of the story as well as the names of the main characters. In general, a festival citation will contain the main feature, theme, message, and practices associated with the festival.

The themes represented by most Indian festivals are similar to those found in other cultures, including music, art, dance, nature, & theater. Similarly, the Indian festival of Durga Puja represents the goddess Durga who is worshiped for her good deeds during the ancient times. The main highlight of this festival is the grand celebration, which takes place at the conclusion of Maghath Puja (Durga Puja). This festival is celebrated with great devotion and enthusiasm by Hindus all over India and some of the biggest fireworks exhibitions are held in northern India during Durga Puja. The colorful Durga Puja lights along with multi-colored candles and flower garlands are the prime attractions of the festival.

Indian festivals like Diwali and Holi are very popular around the world. Holi is one of the biggest festivals of India and is celebrated with much of our spiritual and cultural heritage by Hindus. This festival celebrates love and affection between near and dear ones. India has been celebrating these festivals for many years now and the popularity is increasing day by day. You can surely enjoy and take part in any of these festivals with your family and friends or get together and celebrate with friends over a great Indian meal.