Event Management – Event Loop and Management

In planning an event, events can be understood as objects in either instantiation of properties existing at the time or historical past events. On some philosophical views, only historical changes in the shape of getting or losing a physical property to an object can constitute historical events, such as the wetting of the earth’s surface. This conception of events is controversial because most philosophers think that something like changing physical states of the objects only can determine the event. Others think that it involves changes that change the properties of objects but do not alter the objects themselves, for example the rain hitting the ground and changing its composition. The debate concerning events has been ongoing for over a century.


A number of different types of event handlers exist, for a variety of purposes. One of the most common types is the event planner, an organizer that plans, coordinates, executes, and holds events. Event planners typically hire event handlers to manage the execution of their activities. Other handlers may also perform these functions, including taking care of financial details and organizing logistics such as staffing and transport. Other kinds of event handlers include caterers and designers, who organize food and drink, and event planners, who prepare and plan the event.

Some other types of event management include virtual event management (VEM), which is done through web-based platforms and requires no in-person attendance. Another type of event management is virtual event planning (VEP), which is done entirely on the Internet and requires no physical presence at the event. The concept of VEP is similar to event planning in that it uses VISA membership benefits and the VEC, but VEP allows event organizers to manage their events entirely online through the Internet. Some companies provide teleconferencing services in addition to online meetings.

Some events include activities and socializing as well as technical assistance or equipment rental. Technical activities may include software development, product demonstration, training, and product demonstrations. Socializing may include activities such as discussions, interviews, networking, parties, conventions, and open houses. Some event-driven venues, such as museums and concerts, incorporate these activities as part of the event itself.

Event-driven venues employ event handlers to coordinate the management process. Event managers are the main contact for guests, vendors, sponsors, and employees, and they make all decisions about the event based on the best interests of all involved. The event manager manages a detailed event loop, which is a collection of resources and events on which the event depends. It consists of three elements: event resources, event participants, and event tracks.

Event managers are responsible for assigning resources (such as space, lighting, and audio equipment) to the various events and tracks within the event loop and for communicating event-related information to all participants. They are also responsible for collecting and analyzing data and making decisions about the events and track’s performance. Event handlers are responsible for providing staffing and materials needed for an event and supervising its progress throughout the event. They are usually responsible for hiring event staff and supervising their performance.

The Brazilian Sacred Festival


The Brazilian Sacred Festival

A festival is basically an occasion usually celebrated by a group and centered around a particular characteristic feature of the community and/or its religious traditions or beliefs. It can also be marked as a national or local holiday, festive occasion, or special event. Some communities mark their historical events by holding festivals to remember these events. In Australia there are a number of festivals which have been celebrating for years in a variety of different ways.

The Yularidays or Yule festivals were mainly practiced by the Irish and brought to Australia by the Portuguese settlers. In some parts of New South Wales, it is still part of the main festival season. These are mainly celebrated during mid winter with feasts, music and dancing, pottery and other creative arts, gardens and potteries and by wearing exquisite costumes. The main character in the story is the old woman who is revered for seven years, until another child comes to the house. This is one of the main characteristics of this type of festival and the reasons why many festivals celebrate the yule and spring Equinox. It is a big deal during this period and most countries celebrate it in their respective manner.

A festival celebrating good food is the Acai berry feast. It is a huge feast celebrated with the consumption of Acai fruit juice, powder, smoothies and ice cream. It is part of the Brazilian culture and is celebrated in nearly all Brazilian cities. There are a lot of hotels that organize such event and the place names are very important so that the attendees would know what they are getting into.

Another famous festival in Brazil is the Churros Festival. The festival is celebrated when chocolate is used to decorate small rice paper cakes. Vaiado, a celebration which is similar to Viva Brazil, is a big feast that is celebrated before the birth of Christ and is celebrated with great enthusiasm by the people.

The first feasts were made of beans but later on wheat and cereals were also added to the mix. The main ingredients used to make these delicious feasts include chilies, olives, mangoes, tomatoes, cashews and dates. They are all used to symbolize the season and the religious significance they hold. In modern times, though, the fruits that are used to decorate the feasts are apples, pineapples, plums and pineapples and other fruits which are very popular.

Apart from the traditional Brazilian religious festival, there are also other feasts which are not related to any religion. An example of such a festival would be the Fete dos Jujoles which is a street play held for kids. Kids get dressed up as animals and then participate in this theatre performance. Other festivals worth celebrating would include the carnival which is a large celebration in Rio de Janeiro and sees thousands of visitors turning up. This festival sees lots of exciting activities like fiestas, parades, marathons, exhibitions and street markets.

How Will Tournament Chess Change in the Next Decade?


How Will Tournament Chess Change in the Next Decade?

A tournament is a competition between at least two competitors, each playing in a game or sport. More specifically, the word is used in either of two competing senses: as an event, in which a single competition is pursued; and as a competition, in which a set of competitions is pursued simultaneously or sequentially. The word competition can also be used in conjunction with a word like rivalry, in which case it indicates an ongoing competition between groups or individuals. The word event can be used to refer to a single competition, sometimes between two competitors, sometimes between a group of competitors and sometimes between a set of competitors. If a tournament is referred to as an event, then usually the word competition is implied.

The tournaments that we observe have a defined format, which has evolved over time. In its early days, a tournament could have one or more fixed fixtures. These fixtures would generally be the same for all the matches, with one team playing against each other once, and then the remaining teams being played against each other in the same format. The format was adopted as teams did not feel they were entitled to win a game against a different opponent or draw with a different opponent if there was an equal number of wins and draws between the teams.

In recent times, there are a growing number of non-traditional tournament games and fixtures, especially in athletics. An example is the “knockout” tournament. A knockout tournament is a sporting event where teams compete to see who gets the most points, usually ultimately determining a winner. The winner of the knockout tournament receives the championship trophy. Usually the winner of the knockout tournament is not required to play in another tournament; the teams participate in a friendly match before the championship series.

There are also increasing numbers of “open” tournaments, where players can sign up to play without having an established team affiliation. There are now both chess and tennis tournaments open to the public, with players coming from all over the world. The Chess tournament, particularly the US Chess Open, is the largest event in the world, with over ten thousand people tuning in.

As mentioned above, there are a variety of ways in which to decide the seedings. There is the traditional seed system where teams are decided on by an at-larger tournament selection committee, with the winner receiving the seed they place in. However, it is possible to seed teams by using a random draw to determine the initial participants. In this case, teams play against each other, rather than one another, and the finalist is the team with the most players at the end of the tournament.

One way in which the tournaments vary greatly is in the amount of attention they receive. While most standard tennis tournaments get significant coverage, especially on television, there are a growing number of amateur and even competitive chess tournaments that don’t get coverage at all. This is mainly because many people view these tournaments as social events, where the competitors play to try to win the prize money. These tournaments tend to be smaller and more personal, with players and spectators usually treating the competition as only another game. It’s clear that the future of tournament chess will continue to evolve, with better standards and greater depth.

How You Can Use One of These Services for Your Next Event

The unexpected chill of a cold wind swept across the dry plains of Kansas. As the temperature dipped into the 30s, the hardworking ranch hands struggled to contain their tempers. The sudden, unforeseen, and forceful wind blowing across the flatlands of Kansas sent shiver marks across tired bones and the strong pull of the hot bed of fuel made for uncomfortable nights.


The thought of running an event-driven business with an unpredictable and chaotic emotional roller coaster was difficult for many current and retired event handlers. Not to mention the constant stress that the job entailed! I spent thirty-five years working as an event handler for many of the country’s premier shows and I have had the privilege of helping some of the best event entrepreneurs in the business excel at theirs. My goal was to help them focus more on the development and management of their event without getting bogged down in the emotional aspects. In doing so, I became a trainer and expert for these event entrepreneurs on how to develop a powerful event loop that would allow them to keep control of their emotions while maximizing their event profits.

Event Loop The first thing I came up with was an event management system, or better yet an in-person event management system. I first started with an in-person event management training event at the University of San Diego, which is a bit different than the typical event management training. I wanted to get everyone on the same page as far as communication and development were concerned.

I created a two-track event loop system that was integrated with my event management software. This in-person event loop allowed me to quickly see who was helping with which task and when. In this method of communication, there is no question as to who is getting credit for which task – the mouse movement. It is also much faster than emailing each individual employee.

Remote Mouse Movement Remote event-driven programming event handlers and I work very closely together to complete each event. My mouse movement is only for those tasks I have direct access to and can take care of on my own. My team is responsible for the rest. I also recommend not using remote mouse movement in high performance events because the results can be unpredictable. A lot of time is spent adjusting the information displayed by the projector, the sound levels, the lighting and other factors.

Virtual Signage is a method that is often used by event-driven professionals to display graphic images onto a backdrop. Using video and audio, the images are created and automatically placed on the right screen, according to the event notification. Using video, it is possible to create a stunning, moving image that will help attendees understand the direction of the event. Virtual signage is particularly useful for brand events such as trade shows.

Historical Understanding Of Festivals And Traditions

A festival is basically an occasion usually celebrated by a group and centered around a single theme or aspect of the community and its beliefs or customs. It can be regularly celebrated within the locality or sometimes abroad, depending on the mood of the people or their community. It is most commonly marked as a national or local holiday, festive occasion, or special event. There are hundreds of festivals worldwide, and their description varies according to their particular culture and region. Some examples of popular festivals are Christmas, New Year’s, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Diwali, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Halloween, and many others.


Hinduism is one of the largest world religions with overicism and complements. A festival in Hinduism traditionally falls in late November / early December. On this day, thanks to the deities, ancestors, and goddesses, good wishes come true. There is a lot of symbolic significance behind Hindu festivals and they are celebrated to different lengths in various communities and countries. For instance, in the Hindu calendar, Ramayana is celebrated during eight days, followed by four days of Durga Puja.

Buddhism is one of the oldest surviving religions in the world. It is the most important religion in the world, and for Buddhists, a festival is very similar to Diwali, despite the large number of geographical and cultural differences. There is a large Buddhist community in India, which celebrates the festival of Baisakhi with much enthusiasm. In fact, there have been attempts by Buddhist monks and nuns to create a holy pilgrimage dedicated to Prince Charles, the spiritual head of the Buddhist religion.

Islamic unity is threatened by a large number of cultural events that are celebrated throughout the country. These cultural events are usually largely ignored by Muslims because of their strict codes of behavior regarding ritualism. However, there are many Islamic scholars who argue that these events have an impact on the upbringing of young converts to Islam. They argue that converts to Islam are exposed to an unhealthy Islam due to the excesses of ritualism and other traditions associated with Islam. However, in spite of this divide between the believers, there is common ground on many issues including the need to respect other religions, and to celebrate them with gusto.

Among many religions, Christianity has its own unique festival, and in the UK, it is Diwali. Unlike other religions, however, Christian festivals are mostly celebrated on Christmas day. A major Christian festival in the UK is World Youth Day, which is celebrated on August 27 each year, and is notable not only for the massive influx of youth participants into the country, but also for the large number of cultural and social events that take place during the day. This festival is marked by parades, music, dance, theatrical shows, and other events.

The Hindu festival of Diwali is considered one of the largest festivals by many and is celebrated across India. However, unlike Christianity and Islam, it is a much bigger festival with a wider range of participants. Unlike other religious festivals, however, Diwali festivals draw huge numbers of people to places like Mumbai in the state of India. This highly visible event, along with the sultry heat of the summer, is a major draw for tourists in nearby cities as well. In India, the most popular Diwali festival feasts include the ‘Mansa dais’ or dinner; the ‘Rajasthan virgo free’; the ‘Konata Malaiputra’; and the ‘Dahi Handi’. Each of these dishes symbolizes the different aspects of life and tradition in the region where they originated.

Bitcoin Still is 2019’s best performing tool despite its recent slide

For bitcoin investors, 2019 was the year of the roller coaster. After regaining some of the soil lost in the 2018 cryptocurrency, the world’s leading cryptocurrency has fallen over the past three months in fear of overshooting.

As the last months of the year approach, many bitcoin investors are hoping to return to the late-day gatherings of recent years.

Despite the challenges, bitcoin still stands head and shoulders above the rest. This is the best performing tool in 2019.


Contents [show]

Bitcoin will rise 114% from January


According to Goldman Sachs in 2019 it was the best performing asset class of the US technology shares, showing a 31% increase. Still, compared to yields in the Bitcoin (Goldman Sachs ignored in the calculations), this is small beer.

Over the same period, gold rose 17%. Meanwhile, the S&A P 500 returned 21%. Those seeking safe haven in U.S. Treasury bonds had to celebrate even less, with a 1.6% yield.

Over the same period, Bitcoin grew by 114%. An investor who supported the bitcoins on 1 January, has had doubled his money, and then some. This is despite the fact that the waves to map every day, trading Bitcoin markets from week to week.

Bitcoin finished Q3 with a respectable $ 8,303. That’s lower than the June highs, when cryptocurrency returned to $ 12,902. On January 1, 2019, it was $ 3,801.

And analysts do not expect this growth to slow down soon. According to Brad Keoun, at CoinDesk, the signs point to a renewed rally at the end of the year. This may go beyond the BTC at its June peak.

“Bitcoin prices more than doubled in 2019, far outpacing the 31 percent return on U.S. technology stocks, which Goldman Sachs considers to be the best-performing asset class to date. Oversized returns may attract large investors ’interest in return-hungry traditional financial markets. Messari data plant executives say bitcoin prices, currently around $ 8,200, could rise to new highs in the remaining months of the year, surpassing the $ 12,902 level reached in June. ”

For too many investors, especially at the institutional level, bitcoin remains an untouchable proposition. At least now.


Institutional investors are starting to warm up Bitcoin


Institutions like Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan have already made their feelings about bitcoin public. Leaders have made high-level criticisms. But as bitcoin and cryptocurrency become more grounded day by day, these views are becoming increasingly outdated and misinformed.

Bitcoin has only existed since 2009. This is a blink of an eye when it comes to financial markets. Especially where regulated investors are involved, they continue to feel risky as a speculative instrument with spotted funds that they do not yet understand.

There are signs that the mood is changing. All institutions with pedigrees have cryptography as an asset class.

Keld van Schreven, director of cryptographic investment firm KR1, said institutional investors are starting to become more and more comfortable investing in bitcoin.

“Bitcoin has been around for quite some time where people know it better. Yes, it fluctuates wildly, but they may know other people who have bitcoin and say to themselves, “Hey, they performed very well this year.” You should always be afraid of being missed. ”

It looks likely that 2020 will welcome more and more institutional investors in bitcoin. For many, including Messari analysts, the role of bitcoin as a digital store of value will be key as the market continues to mature.

This is good news for ordinary investors. Rising institutional demand will continue to increase the price of bitcoin in the long run. With a supply fixed at 21 million BTC, there will come a day in the not-too-distant future when there will be no new bitcoin left for mine, which means it will be difficult to buy bitcoin .


What does this mean for Bitcoin investors and speculators?


The daily trading Bitcoin leaving valleys overlooked Bitcoin itself is still an attractive option, especially for individual investors.

You do not have risk-averse bank or pension fund be enough to win the bitcoinból. Although there are indisputable risks to the investment, which is a volatile market compared to other asset classes, there is still room for bitcoin growth in the medium to long term.

If you’re looking for a pound, bitcoin has a proven growth experience. Most recently, you were able to buy 1 BTC in 2017 for $ 806, which is about 10% of the value today.

With the opportunity to rally in the closing quarter of 2019 and the markets maturing steadily, while institutional investors are slowly moving to the idea of ​​supporting bitcoin, there are clear arguments for participating sooner and later.

Do people play more in times of crisis?

Believe it or not, many investors and gamblers believe that the best time to find value in the stock market is during a crisis. It is a time of economic downturn when stocks are beaten up and shares of good companies can be bought at a discount.

While many gamblers may not feel comfortable in the stock market and prefer to opt for gaming tables, this is not sure they will bet either. After all, just because the economy is going through a downturn doesn’t mean that the chances of buying a house have changed.

It is a popular theory that in times of crisis, more money is spent on investment, gambling, alcohol, or other, not necessarily profitable or not so healthy sinful pleasures. This begs the question, is it really true? Do people play more in times of crisis? COVID-19 and the impending recession will raise its ugly head, will it send more gambling betting sites, both son-friendly and Bitcoin-friendly?

A 2012 study by Dutch researchers suggests that this is not actually true. People are, in fact, less likely to part with their money during a recession.

Contents [show]

The only form of gambling that grows during an economic crisis
The studies cited above examined three different types of gambling: pair-mutuel gambling, casino gambling, and lottery gambling. For those who don’t know, pair-mutuel gambling is any form of gambling where players bet together and the house only decides because it makes the game available and determines the odds. Betting on sporting events is an example of a pair-mutuel game.

You might think that a knowledgeable, sharp sports bettor can double your bets in difficult times and make a special effort to increase your bankroll, but that’s not really what happens.

It turns out that the more risky economic conditions seem, the more gamblers are willing to leave the odds to chance. Therefore, in times of economic downturn, it is not casino games like roulette or sports books that see the most action, but lottery games.

Select the lucky number
That’s right! Lottery is the only form of gambling that is actually recession-proof.

Whatever people choose, their lucky number. This makes sense because many Americans actually believe that the lottery is a good alternative to having a robust and reliable retirement investment strategy. In fact, people think again and again that in the end they will be the one to win.

The study showed no evidence that lottery games depend at all on the stage of the economic downturn or any current economic cycle. People are always willing to put money down on lucky numbers.

Brick & Mortar casinos feel pain
There aren’t too many sites that track the projected revenue and spending of Bitcoin gambling sites. Let’s face it, many of them operate in countries and islands that act as tax and regulatory shelters for entrepreneurs looking to make money and skirt.

This is not to say that it is impossible to guess what is likely to happen on these sites. We just have to look at the performance of brick casinos during the coronavirus epidemic.

The five biggest and best-known names in the gaming world see their shares trading 35-65% cheaper than a few weeks ago. Some of these names include:

Wynn Resorts Limited
Las Vegas Sands Corporation
MGM Resorts International
Boyd Gaming Corporation
Penn National Gaming Incorporated
Caesars Entertainment Corporation
Anyone who has been to Las Vegas or even heard of Las Vegas is aware of at least some of the name brands listed above. These are not small companies. They have some of the most extravagant, beautiful and lucrative casinos in the world, but their share price has dropped significantly.

While more and more people are desperate to get into Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies when the traditional fiat-based economy takes its nose, fans of the newly minted currencies are unlikely to go to gambling tables or sports betting anytime soon.

If history suggests something, it’s simply not worth the risk.

BitStarz Halloween Quest: Win a trip to Transylvania and € 50,000!

Friends from BitStarz just sent me some information about the Brave BitStarz Halloween quest to win a trip to Transylvania and 50,000 euros!

This sounds pretty interesting.

Here’s how Halloween Quest works:

Play any game on BitStarz during October 7, 2019 – November 8, 2019
Reach the next level
Get a reward to your account
Check your level here on a special Halloween Quest page
Profit (I hope)

Halloween Quest promotion on BitStarz is now on the program!

Here is a short prize for the competition:

The prize fund is € 50,000 in individual prizes.
Transylvania’s travel package includes a stay in Romania in a luxury hotel for 6 nights and 2 plane tickets (can be exchanged for money).
You can also win cool BitStarz merchandise.
I think the prize package is really exceptional!

Here you can find more information about this Halloween Promo on the BitStarz special page . See also the BitStarz overview and introduction here.

Join BitStarz →

And here’s some more information – in the words of the people at BitStarz:

Contents [show]

Are you ready to embark on a Halloween quest for everything that comes your way in the night?
BitStarz is pleased to announce the launch of its latest adventure, hold on to your hat, as the Quest for Halloween has arrived. Players can fight through the haunted forest, and the first player to reach level 40 won a spooky trip for two to Transylvania.

In addition to winning a trip to the home of Count Dracula himself, players will also be able to win € 50,000 in individual prize pools and epic BitStarz merchandise. This is the most dangerous promotion BitStarz has ever launched, so put on a brave face and start spinning those reels!


Halloween Quest you after BitStarzu!

Head to Dracula’s home
Transylvania is a land of legends and we can’t think of a more suitable place to send out the winners of the Halloween Quest. The first player to reach Level 40 (plus a guest) will be taken to this haunted country – in complete luxury, of course.

Once the winner lands in vampire land, they will be transported to one of the most prestigious hotels in the city for an exciting six-night stay – the perfect base for your vampire hunting trips. On top of that, we prepare extra comfortable BitStarz goods to keep you warm in the Transylvanian winter.

Rewards for each player
Although only one player can win a trip to Transylvania, each player can add up to € 50,000 in bonuses and free spins.

The more levels you pass, the more than € 50,000 you unlock, so keep pushing through the levels to get as much of that prize pool as possible. Plus, it’s not just the big winners who get the epic BitStarz merchandise – every player has a chance to win some.

There will be a handful of BitStarz merchandise drops on various levels, giving you the opportunity to win your own share of the most interesting online casino.

It’s getting spooky!
Get ready to embark on the most attractive quest you’ve ever seen and bring epic rewards that will match, with all the current BitStarz players automatically entering this new electric promotion. Each level you complete will take you one step closer to traveling to Transylvania, so make sure you keep moving.

If you are not already a BitStarz player, you too can participate and win everything that is offered. New players can get 20 free spins just to create an account.

Then, during the first four deposits, you can get up to € 500 / 5BTC and an additional 180 free spins – the perfect way to start this spooky-tacular adventure.

The quest for Halloween has it all; ghosts, spirits and epic rewards – don’t miss out!

Join BitStarz →

Here are the full terms for the BitStarz Halloween Promo:
The promotion runs from 13:00 CEST, October 7, 2019 – 15:00 CET, November 8, 2019.
Only real money bets will count in the bet. All bonus money bets will not be registered.
Minimal risk betting on board games will not count towards your turnover (including, but not limited to, red and black betting at the same time, etc.). If this practice is found to be taking place, the player will be barred from advancing.
Board games contribute 5% of the traffic for promotion.
All slot games contribute 100% to the traffic for promotion.
All prizes come with a 10-time bet request.
As you bet at the casino, you will reach a new level by reaching a new milestone in the progress bar. As soon as you charge it, you will reach the second level. Reaching each successive milestone increases in difficulty as you progress through the adventure.
Prizes are awarded immediately.
If any physical prizes are awarded, BitStarz will contact players to give them an address so they can send them. A cash alternative will also be given.
Players with closed accounts will lose the prize before receiving the prize.
BitStarz reserves the right to change the level requirements and rewards at any time.
Only the first player to reach the highest level of the tournament will receive a prize consisting of an incredible trip to Transylvania, Romania.
Transylvania’s travel package includes a stay at a luxury hotel for 6 nights and 2 plane tickets.
The player is responsible for acquiring VISA to enter Romania if required.
The travel package can be exchanged for a cash alternative, equivalent to the complete package, according to the BitStarz order.
BitStarz reserves the right to ban players who are considered to be trying to misuse the promotion.
BitStarz reserves the right to withdraw the promotion at any time.
The general terms and conditions of BitStarz apply.

BetChan Review (2021) – Features, Facts and Bonuses

Casino BetChan is an online casino founded in 2015. The casino is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority and supports regular currencies and Bitcoin deposits (however, there were problems with crypto deposits, read more later).

CasinoBonusFeaturesGo to the site
Contents [show]

Betchan Casino logo

100 € / $ + 30 free spins
The first deposit bonus is 100% up to € 100 / $ + 30 free spins. Use the bonus code: BERLIN . The total bonus is 400 € / $ + 120 free spins. Betting: 40x.

743 casino games
Bitcoin deposits

Join now
BetChan is a fairly basic online casino. It has average deposit bonuses of up to € 100 / $ for the first four deposits and nice amounts of free spins in each deposit. The selection of games is also on average with over 740 casino games from 10 different casino game providers. There are a little more than 550 slot games to choose from.

This is what Betchan Casino looks like.

This is what BetChan Casino looks like.

1. BetChan Casino Review
Casino BetChan is an online casino founded in 2015. The casino is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority which is considered much stronger in regulating and protecting players than the usual Curacao license in other crypto casinos. However, the license for Malta is not very favorable yet, but it supports cryptocurrencies. In theory, BetChan Casino should support Bitcoin deposits that are converted into regular currency.

However, there was a problem in Bitcoin deposits when I tried the casino in March 2019. I switched to BTC deposits but no QR code or deposit address. Bitcoin deposits just don’t work!

If you want to try the usual currencies, you can deposit euros (EUR), US dollars (USD), Russian rubles (RUB), Norwegian kroner (NOK), Polish zloty (PLN), New Zealand dollars (NZD) with the most common currencies of the deposit method such as credit cards. and online payment services.

Slot igra Reactoonz

It is a classic Reactoonz slot game from game vendor Play N’Go.

BetChan is a fairly basic online casino. It has average deposit bonuses of up to € 100 / $ for the first four deposits and nice amounts of free spins in each deposit.

The selection of games is also on average with over 740 casino games from 10 different casino game providers. There are a little more than 550 slot games to choose from. The language selection is pretty good, with 8 languages ​​to choose from.

BetChan is not active on social networks or forums at all. I couldn’t find social media accounts from BetChan. This does not promise much.

The only support is live chat and no mention is made of the support email address.

BetChan is part of PlayamoPartner, which consists of four online casinos: BetChan, Bob Casino, PlayAmo and Spinia.

Brief facts about BetChan
Web stranica: https://www.betchan.com

Founded: 2015

Casino License: Malta Gambling Authority

Restricted countries: USA, Great Britain, Australia, Belgium, Estonia, Italy, France, Turkey, Spain, Slovakia, Anguilla, Guadeloupe, Martinique, French Guiana, Reunion, Mayotte, French Polynesia, Wallis and Futuna, New Caledonia, Saint Martin, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia

Social Accounts: Not Found

Casino on cryptocurrency forums: Not found

Supported cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin deposits that are converted into a regular currency

Supported regular currencies: Euro (EUR), US Dollar (USD), Russian Ruble (RUB), Norwegian Krone (NOK), Polish Zloty (PLN), New Zealand Dollars (NZD)

Opcije pologa: Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Trustly, Rapid, Zimpler, Skrill, Neteller, Paysafecard, Neosurf, Qiwi, Yandex money, iDeal, EcoPayz, Klarna

Casino Games: A total of 743 casino games (BetChan advertises a total of 2000 games)

Casino softver: 10 dobavljača igara: Amatic, Authentic, BetSoft, Endorphina, Evolution, Netent, Play’n GO, Pragmatic Play, Quickspin i Yggdrasil

Proven fair games: No.

Languages: English, Russian, Norwegian, Finnish, Polish, German, Portuguese and Spanish

Mobile Casino: Yes

Contact information and support: Live chat on the site

2. Bonuses
BetChan casino offers these deposit bonuses. Bonuses are only available in regular currency, there is no Bitcoin or cryptocurrency bonuses.

BetChan deposit bonuses
First deposit bonus is 100% up to 100 € / $ + 30 free spins for Fire & Steel (bonus code: BERLIN)
Second deposit bonus is 50% up to 100 € / $ + 30 free spins for Rook’s Revenge (Bonus code: OSLO)
Bonus for the third deposit is 50% up to 100 € / $ + 30 free spins for Casanova (Bonus code: MOSCOW)
Fourth deposit bonus is 50% up to 100 € / $ + 30 free spins for Lucky Coin (Bonus code: PRAHA)
In total, all casino bonuses are € 400 / $ + 120 free spins
Claiming a bonus

The minimum deposit for bonuses is 20 € / $ or the equivalent amount in another currency.

The bet is 40x. All bonuses expire after 30 days.

Note that the type of game you play contributes a different percentage to the bonus betting requirement:

Board Games – Baccarat, Blackjack, Hi-Lo – 5% (except for live dealer games)
Video poker – 5%
Roulette, Poker – 5% (excluding live dealer games)
Most machines – 100% (see full list from BetChan -> bonus terms)
50% reload bonus on Mondays
Every Monday there is a 50% reload bonus of up to € 100 / $ + 30 free spins for the Angler Slot Game. Simply deposit the following bonus code: AMSTERDAM.

Starburst slot game NetEnt

This is a Starburst slot game game provider NetEnt.

3. Bonus codes
Use these bonus codes to receive the welcome bonus package:

Bonus code: BERLIN for first deposit bonus
Bonus code: OSLO for a bonus on another deposit
Bonus code: MOSCOW for the bonus for the third deposit
Bonus code: PRAGUE for the fourth deposit bonus
4. Free spins
BetChan does not offer free spins without a deposit.

5. Casino games
BetChan Casino offers 740+ casino games to choose from among 10 casino game providers.

The choice consists of the following casino game software vendors: Amatic, Authentic, BetSoft, Endorphina, Evolution, Netent, Play’n GO, Pragmatic Play, Quickspin and Yggdrasil.

Slot igre BetChan

An example of choosing a slot machine at BetChan Casino.

Game selection at BetChan casino
A total of 552 slot machine games
72 games Blackjack + live blackjack
28 roulette games + roulette live
3 igre Baccarat + live baccarat
7 poker games
81 Other Casual Games
10 Game service providers
Total Games Titles: 743 (BetChan Advertises 2000 Casino Games)
6. Restricted countries
Players from Latvia, United States (USA) , Australia, Belgium, United Kingdom (UK) , Estonia, Italy, France, Turkey, Spain, Slovakia, Anguilla, Guadeloupe, Martinique, French Guiana, Reunion, Mayotte, French Polynesia, Wallis and Futuna, New Caledonia, Saint Martin, Czech Republic, Lithuania is not allowed to play playing real money betting games at BetChan Casino.

Also, not all bonuses are available to players from Sweden, including participation in any promotional programs, receiving VIP prizes, as well as exchanging comp points.

Some games may be unavailable in certain jurisdictions, as required by the game provider’s policies, which may change from time to time.

7. Terms and Conditions
Here are the most important conditions for withdrawal. Please read the full terms and conditions from the BetChan casino website -> terms and conditions.

Withdrawal conditions
• All deposits must be deposited 3x before withdrawal.

• The minimum withdrawal amount is 20 € / $.

• The maximum amount of processing that is processed for a player is 4000 € / $ per day, 8000 € / $ per week.

• The maximum monthly withdrawal amount is € 25,000 / $ for the standard limit, € 40,000 / $ for the upper limit and € 75,000 / $ for the final limit or equivalent.

8. Conclusion
In conclusion, BetChan is a completely standard online casino. There should be Bitcoin deposits, but in my tests deposits did not work.

However, if you are playing with common currencies like the euro or US dollars, BetChain could be a good choice. The casino has a strong Malta Gaming Authority license that provides better player protection than the Curacao license.

The selection of games is also on average with 740+ games from 10 casino game providers.

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9. User reviews and ratings
Here is a summary of BetChan Casino ratings.

What do you think of BetChan Casino? Please share your thoughts below. Or if you want to see more reviews of Bitcoin casinos, go here to check them out.

FortuneJack Review (2021) – Features, Facts and Bonuses

FortuneJack Casino is a modern Bitcoin casino founded in 2014. You can find more than 1,400 games from several casino game providers such as iSOFTBET, Endorphina or Evolution Gaming.

As of February 2019, FortuneJack also has a sportsbook.

CasinoBonusFeaturesGo to site
Contents [show]

FortuneJack casino logo

1.5 BTC + 250 free spins
The first deposit bonus is 110% up to 1.5 BTC + 250 free spins. The bonus is a total of 5 BTC + 250 free spins. No deposit bonus: 25 free spins. Betting: 40x.

Excellent general casino
1492 casino games

4 own provably correct games

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The new FortuneJack lobby has cool graphics. Game selection and navigation work very quickly despite the graphic content.

Launched in May 2018, the new FortuneJack site features cool graphics. Game selection and navigation work very quickly despite the graphic content.

1. FortuneJack Overview
FortuneJack Casino is a fairly experienced Bitcoin casino, founded in 2014 by casino professionals with over 20 years of experience in the field.

FortuneJack continues to evolve and the casino launched a completely new website in May 2018. The new site is very informative, more stylish and faster than before, which is always great.

In January 2019, the casino added another proven fair game within the house: Adrenaline! The provably correct game selection consists of 4 games: Dice, Plinko, Mines and the latest adrenaline.

In February 2019, FortuneJack opened its sports betting site. You can now bet on the most popular sports such as football, tennis, basketball, American football, baseball, hockey, boxing and more.

The casino supports 8 cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, Dash, Monero and Zcash. Bonuses are available for all cryptocurrencies.

It’s pretty easy to navigate, search the games, or find promotional information for some specific FortuneJack bonus. This is not always the case on some casino sites.

You can find more than 1,400 games from several casino game providers such as iSOFTBET, Endorphina or Evolution Gaming. FortuneJack Casino also offers one of the widest selections of cryptocurrencies. The casino supports 8 cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, Dash, Monero and Zcash.

FortuneJack includes a new Jackpot slot machine, the iSoftBet Rambo game.

FortuneJack includes a new Jackpot slot machine, the iSoftBet Rambo game.

Quick facts about FortuneJack
Website: https://fortunejack.com

Founded: 2014

Casino license: Government of Curacao (license number: 8048 / JAZ2016-026)

Restricted countries: Read more

Social media accounts: Facebook , Twitter , Discord , Reddit and Medium

Casino on cryptocurrency forums: BitcoinTalk.org

Supported cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, Dash, Monero and Zcash

Casino Games: About 1,500 casino games

Casino software: MicroGaming, Playson, GameArt, Betsoft, Endorphina, Netent, QuickSpin, Booming Games, Isoftbet, Pragmatic Play, Evoplay, Habanero, ELK and Amatic. There are many in-house casino games.

Proven Fair Games: 4 in-house games: Dice, Mines, Plinko and Adrenaline

Languages: English

Mobile casino: Yes

Contact and support: Live support (chat) or email: s[email protected]

2. Bonuses
FortuneJack Casino has excellent deposit bonuses, no deposit bonuses, and an interesting cashback program.

Bonuses are also available in other Altcoins. For example, the first deposit bonus is the same 1110% up to 1.5 BTC in Altcoin equivalent.

The first deposit bonus is 110% up to 1.5 BTC + 250 free spins.
The second deposit bonus is 50% up to 1 BTC.
The third deposit bonus is 50% up to 1 BTC.
The fourth deposit bonus is 100%, up to 1.5 BTC.
All casino bonuses total 5 BTC + 250 free spins.
Claim a bonus

To activate the bonuses go to the My Account page -> Bonus -> Activate before depositing.

The wagering requirement is 40x for the deposit and 50x for the free spins.

There is also a monthly Cashback transaction where you can get back 20% of your losses at the end of each month.

You must pay at least 0.1 BTC (non-bonus money) during the month to qualify.
The exact Cashback percentage depends on the level of the Loyalty Program.
Cashback ranges from 2% (bronze level) to 20% (VIP Star level).
Cashback is credited directly to your wallet and there are no betting requirements.
Diamond Strike Slot Machine game at FortuneJack Casino.

Diamond Strike Slot Machine game at FortuneJack Casino.

3. Bonus Codes
There are currently no bonus codes at FortuneJack Casino, but stay tuned for updates!

In the meantime, you can take advantage of quite fantastic deposit bonuses.

No bonus code is required for the 5 BTC + 250 free spins welcome pack (first four deposits). No bonus code is required for the 25 free spins deposit bonuses. Just visit the site using the links on the FortuneJack overview page.

FortuneJack Casino and the very cool and fast new casino lobby were updated in May 2018.

FortuneJack Casino and the very cool and fast new casino lobby were updated in May 2018.

4. Free Spins
FortuneJack offers 25 free spins without a deposit . Only newly registered FortuneJack players are eligible for free spins.

Claim a bonus

You must have a verified mobile number to receive the no-deposit bonus. Free spins bet 40x.

5. Casino Games
FortuneJack Casino offers approximately 1,500 casino games from which you can choose from 12 casino game providers.

The range consists of high quality software providers such as MicroGaming, Playson, GameArt, Betsoft, Endorphina, Netent, QuickSpin, Booming Games, Isoftbet, Pragmatic Play, Evoplay, Habanero, ELK and the Amatic. There are also a number of home-made casino games.

FortuneJack has proven fair play within 4 houses: Dice, Plinko, Mines and Adrenaline.

Game selection on FortuneJack
46 jackpot slot
999 video slot
71 types of 3D aperture
55 Classic or fruity niches
A total of 1171 slot machines
57 Playing Blackjack
35 Roulette game
6 Baccarat game
9 Table poker games
100 Video Poker Games
7 Wheel of Fortune game
26 Scratching games
5 Keno game
1 Craps or Sic Bo game
74 Other casual games
12 game providers
All titles in the game: 1492
Live casino games
10 live blackjack tables
40 live roulette tables
4 live baccarat tables
8 live poker tables with real dealers
2 live wheel of fortune game
9 Other live games
Panther Queen Slot Machine from Pragmatic Play at FortuneJack Casino.

Panther Queen Slot Machine from Pragmatic Play at FortuneJack Casino.

The lobby of the game works very fast compared to some sites. There are some provably correct games, such as the self-developed FortuneJack dice game.

Most casino games come from well-known Bitcoin gaming software providers such as MicroGaming, Playson, GameArt or Betsoft, and a few other software companies.

Gold Hold Jackpot Slot Machine game from iSoftBet.

Gold Hold Jackpot Slot Machine game from iSoftBet.

6. Sports betting
As of February 2019, FortuneJack also has a sportsbook.

You can bet on the following sports, for example: Soccer, Tennis, Basketball, American Football, Baseball, Hockey, Bandy, Boxing, Cricket, Cycling, Darts, Floorball, Snooker, Volleyball or Winter Sports.

You can find more promotions in MMA, rugby or motorsport bets. There is also a reception called culture: political, entertainment, Oscar or even royal family receptions.

Here is the FortuneJack sportsbook page.

Here is the FortuneJack sportsbook page.

7. Restricted countries
FortuneJack does not list the list of restricted countries in the Terms.

However, the list of limited countries per game provider is very long. For example, the United States and the United Kingdom are limited to most game providers.

You can check the list here on the FortuneJack website -> Terms of Use -> Restricted Countries by Service Provider.

You can also ask FortuneJack customer service to see if you can play from our country or not.

Irish Charms slot machine from Pragmatic Play in the FortuneJack casino game selection.

Irish Charms slot machine from Pragmatic Play in the FortuneJack casino game selection.

8. Terms
Here are the key payout and bonus conditions as well as the wagering requirements. Please read the full terms and conditions on the FortuneJack Casino Website -> Terms and Conditions.

Withdrawal conditions
The deposit amount must be reversed twice (bets 2x ) before your withdrawal request will be approved.
Betting requirements can be met in slots, casino games and live games.
Bonus conditions and bets

Bonus money must be received 40x before it can be converted to real money and withdrawn.
The minimum deposit amount required to claim the deposit bonus is 0.002 BTC.
The bet is valid for 14 days after activating the bonus.
The maximum bet amount allowed under the bonuses is 0.0014 BTC.
250 free spins and bets

There are betting requirements 50x before potential winnings can be withdrawn.
The minimum first deposit is at least 0.05 BTC.
Free spins will be credited if the deposit has been made x1 times in the Slot Games within three days.
They will receive 25 free spins per day for a total of ten days.
25 Free Spins and Bets
Bonuses from free spins must be accepted 40x before potential winnings can be withdrawn.
Free spins will be added to players ’accounts at BST 00: 01 after the email address and mobile number are verified within 3 days of registration.
The maximum payout is 50 mBTC.
9. Conclusion
In a nutshell, FortuneJack Bitcoin Casino is a refreshingly fast and liquid Bitcoin and cryptocurrency casino. They have more than 20 years of serious experience in the Eastern European casino business.

The bonuses are very good and the weekly promotions add a lot of excitement to the game. Deposits and payments are fast and can be made in a very wide range of cryptocurrencies.

Selection of the jackpot slot machine at FortuneJack Casino.

Selection of the jackpot slot machine at FortuneJack Casino.

We recommend FortuneJack Casino without hesitation and maybe you should check to see if you agree? Thank you for reading this Fortunejack review and please write your own comments and experiences below!

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10. User Reviews and Ratings
Here is the FortuneJack Casino rating summary.

What do you think about FortuneJack Casino? Please share your thoughts below. Or, if you want to see more Bitcoin casino reviews, visit here and check them out.