Festivals and Fairs to Celebrate Cultures and Beliefs Worldwide

A festival is an occasion usually celebrated by a group and centered around a particular characteristic feature of that community or its religion or customs. It is most commonly marked as a national or local holiday, festival, or special event. It can also be commemorated with special events such as parades, musical evenings, athletic competitions, parades, and sports tournaments. In addition to marking the date, a festival can exhibit impressive displays of fireworks, spectacular effects of fireworks, or other fireworks, or it can just be a day of rest and relaxation for its inhabitants. The mark of a festival is usually its visual spectacle and what best symbolizes that is its lighting, the celebration in spirit, music, dance, and other things that bring people together. It is a time when people relax from their work and family responsibilities, and they enjoy one another’s company.


There are many festivals that happen all over the world and each of them brings something different to the local people, religions, and even the tourists. Some of the most popular festivals include Chinese New Year, St. Valentine’s Day, Independence Day, Hamsa Festival, Japanese New Year, Garlic Festival, Ganong Festival, Diwali, Hindu festivals, and Holi. Each festival brings something different to the people and it also has its own customs and traditions.

Chinese New Year: The Chinese New Year is considered to be the most important festival for the Chinese people. It falls on February 14 of every year and is one of the most celebrated festivals all over the world. The festival celebrates the return of the year and the lengthening of the planting and farming seasons. This festival also commemorates the old culture of China and the continuous development of the new civilization. During the festival, firecrackers are used to scare away evil spirits and mice who are trying to enter the home. Local people light paper lanterns and plant grass in the spring and summer to celebrate the joy of prosperity.

Christian Festivals: Christians hold several festivals in honor of their Lord Jesus Christ. They have Christmas and Easter as their main feasts. During the festival, people exchange gifts and visit the sites of the death of their Lord. They attend church services and partake of the Eucharist.

Cannes Film Festival: The Cannes film festival is a major international film event and it occurs in May every year. It showcases the best films from all over the world in a single place. It also includes theater events, music events, and other cultural activities. Many famous filmmakers are invited to attend this prestigious festival. The festival includes both major commercial films as well as independent films.

Arts Festival: This festival celebrates the importance of art in the lives of people from all over the world. It is held every year during the month of August and showcases different kinds of art forms such as film, theater, music and visual arts. The festival is highly dependent on the arts and it was launched back in 1988. This festival celebrates different kinds of artists including actors, directors, producers, visual artists, writers and theater professionals. Most of the artists who attend the festival are from Britain and Ireland.