Event Management: An Introduction

An event is a happening, an event that has a specific meaning and a particular time. It could be a sales pitch, an email or a teleconference call. An event is triggered by the human mind or by a computer. For instance, a user hitting a key could be an event because of the event management software that is in place capturing and storing such events.

An internal event triggered by software could be created due to myriad reasons from unexpected information entering the keyboard to a security monitoring device detecting motion. The user logging out of the system would most likely be an event because it changes the active user ID and password. The event handler then sends an email or notify the subscriber on the program that he has reached a certain number of failed login attempts. This way, the subscriber can change his password and/or security setting so that he/she cannot be a victim of unauthorized access.

Corporate: A corporate event is an event between two companies with an agenda. For instance, a company might hold an event to thank its employees for a job well done. The event can also be a morale boosting event as employees tend to become more confident as they see the face of success and their colleagues looking professional. A charity event is an event for raising money for a specific cause. For instance, a cancer charity might organize a benefit concert to raise money for research or for treatment.

Charity: A charity event is generally for an ongoing cause associated with a specific cause. Some examples of charity events are vehicle racing nights, blood drives, or raffles. In the corporate events industry, an event like this might raise money for a specific purpose. It might be to build schools or to provide scholarships for students who otherwise would not have access to it. In a charity event, the proceeds from the event go to a specific cause in need and not to the general welfare of the charity as is the case with corporate events.

Charity event planning can be a tricky task. Often it takes a lot of time to put together a well-planned charity event that raises money and generates positive PR. There are several elements that need to be carefully considered: venue selection, food selection, entertainment (including DJ), and promotions and marketing. Also, if it’s going to be held at a charity venue, it helps to select a charity event that has been established and is well known and to select an organization that does not just want to raise money, but to give specifically to help those in need.

Event management is a field that requires its practitioners to be creative and to think on their feet. The most effective event planners are those who are able to combine creativity with logistics. They should be able to work within any budget and they should be able to handle a variety of guests. To become an event manager, it is advisable to take a course in event planning or, if possible, gain hands-on experience while working for a professional event management company.