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(, the "Site")

If you accept the terms of the regulations, all or part, you may not use the site for any purpose.

In any case of contradiction or inconsistency between the regulations and any other publication, in writing or with - here, any kind whatsoever, increased provisions and that you specify.

Site coordinates

Site coordinates are sent by their creators, copyright pledge that the information sent on all points are created original full responsibility. There must specify the sources of information (links this information). For your information. Coordinates information are copyrighted and may not make them any use contrary to copyright law without the authorization of the webmaster.
Every point where you have information allows you, one of your own advertising banner (Google) for one year on one page and either Google's AdSense program will be valid

Not to duplicate points. Therefore, all previous publication publication point is Google's own banner for one year.

Site management has every right to change the wording either add information as needed with comments on its part.

Business owners are the only ones who can write about Business. In full detail for contact and verification. Who violates this provision, all messages will be deleted without the right to dispute. Each business will be charged to have a website and e-mail, telephone, fax and internet connection verification measures

All incoming coordinates to pass inspection, but sometimes unintentional mistakes and manages the site reserves the right to delete points that do not match the spirit of the site and either out of whack, abusive, harsh, taking out defamation or passing laws. Site manager has the right to change the header name and the content if necessary.

Copyright identifying the points of their own site filled with information removed interested, please send an email request to remove it as soon as possible.

Perhaps, it has been accidentally site coordinates, it does not display artist name and you know the creator points, I'd be happy to accept the copyright information and publish them.

Advertising Period is the minimum score points a year, but if there are constraints would require the removal.

This site is free to watch, and does not charge any. The site makes a living solely from the sale of advertising or sponsored advertising superficial.

With coordinates undertakes and declares that we are not entitled to any compensation in money or equivalent to the webmaster. Also, he has no claim to site manager.

Copyright enforcement responsibility is to publish information of coordinates and site directors or warranty regarding third party, for any use of improper, illegal, or any violation if you do, and materials displayed on the site.

Site directors are not responsible for the legality, accuracy of information, authenticity and integrity works and pictures do not reflect the opinion also will not bear any responsibility for damages / costs due to make use of them.

Website owners can do without a link to create points, but required them to register the name creates and coordinates taken from the site link. It also prohibited from copyright infringement.

Remember: This information does not constitute professional advice of any dependent case. As noted above, the Company is not responsible for the contents of these consequences, direct or indirect that may be caused to you or any third party if the decision to operate on the basis of these apply to you content and full and sole responsibility for your actions and their results. Use of the site contents can be used as is (AS IS) the company's discretion, and you will have any claim or demand against the company for use of features, limitations or responses that would make advertising edge devices.

The use, therefore, the contents displayed on the site edge devices service on the site, do your own risk and full. The Company may close the site change from time to time the structure, appearance and availability of services and content provided on this without having to notify you in advance. You will have no claim or demand against the company about it. Company does not warrant that the service provided site will be uninterrupted, without breaks will be given regularly and disorders and / or be immune from illegal access to company computers, damages, malfunctions, failures, hardware failures, software or communication lines with the Company or any of its suppliers or harm any other reason, Company shall not be liable for any direct or indirect, aggravation, etc. to you or your property caused by it.

The Company undertakes that all links found in the database will function properly and lead to an active website, due to the existence of a link to the company website does not teach that the linked site content is reliable, complete or current, and the company shall not be responsible about it. Without derogating from the above company is not responsible for any damages, direct or indirect caused to you or your property resulting from the use or reliance on the information and content appearing on sites you have come through or via the use of or link to existing corporate site and / or for use or reliance on the information and content published on the site by "J. third parties. The Company may discontinue use of the company website you do not meet water if the conditions of this Agreement. You will indemnify the Company, its employees, directors, shareholders or their representatives for any damage, loss, loss of profit, payment or expense incurred by them - including attorney fees and court expenses - due to violation of these Terms of Use.

Remember: the content you give to the publication will be exposed to all Internet users and the company cannot know which comments you may receive following the delivery of content, who will respond and how. Accordingly, the Company shall not be for you (or anyone on your behalf) responsible for these reactions, or any consequence not make you or your property following these responses.

The site managers will not bear any responsibility regarding content on the site and a tip which they appear, their content, accuracy, reliability and impact on the computers of site users as well as any damage, inconvenience, loss, grief and so those results, directly or indirectly caused to you , your property or any third party due to use of these contents.

Site administrators seek all information published information on the site will be free and paid services, but the company is not responsible or be liable for direct or indirect relation to content in general, especially if not reveal contents of the famous free services, located on each end device which they appear, their content, accuracy, reliability, inconvenience, loss, grief and so those results, directly or indirectly caused to you, your property or any third party due to use of these contents.

All copyrights and intellectual property site design, and software, application, computer code, graphic file, text and other material contained in it - are the only directors of the site. You may not copy, distribute, publicly display or provide a third party some of the above without receiving the consent of the Company, prior written. Trademarks in the site are the property of the company - or, if published on behalf of advertisers, the property of those advertisers only. No be used without their consent, in writing in advance.

The company recommends that you be extra cautious about the content published on various end devices. In particular with regard to this information provided by professional experts (lawyers, doctors, insurance, psychology, etc.).

Site directors may reserve the right to change the terms & conditions \ these policies and the Privacy Policy from time to time without giving that notice. The company will publish the new conditions will be posting early validity. This Agreement shall apply only to the laws of the State of Israel. Exclusive jurisdiction for all matter relating to this agreement and use the Site is the competent courts in the Haifa area.


The site operator implements systems and procedures on information security. While these systems and procedures reduce the risk of penetration of an - unauthorized computer that is running the site, they cannot provide absolute security. Therefore, site operators do not guarantee that the services the site will be completely immune from an approach - unauthorized information stored therein.

Delivering information to third parties

The site operator shall not transfer to third parties your personal information collected about your activities and information site (more details and information identify you personally), but in the following cases:

1. The event you breach the Terms and conditions, the provisions of this Agreement or to join any of the services offered to them or Terms and conditions, or if you make through the Website, or in connection with, acts contrary to justice or attempt to perform such actions.

2. If accepted by the site operator judicial order instructing him to give your information or your information to third parties.

3. Following legal action (criminal or civil) in respect of acts done in violation of the law / corporate site user, in this case allowed the company to provide the information that the injured party claiming you.

4. Any dispute, claim, action, demand or legal proceedings, if any, between you and the site operator.

5. Anyway site operators that providing the information necessary to prevent serious harm to your body or your property or body or property of third parties.

6. If the site operator will arrange the activity or other activity within the site and the case will change the legal structure or merge with another entity or activity will merge the site with third-party activity - it will be

The new corporation is entitled to a copy of the information collected about you on the site or any statistical information in its possession, provided that the corporation itself that gets you the instructions in this privacy policy.

7. The Company may use your information to improve the services it offers you the site and contact you site needs adjusting personal preferences.

You cannot link that contains content from encouraging racism / discrimination, or contrary to the law, or they are released against the law or encourage illegal activity or pornographic contents

Site managers may advertise your site in all media that includes the site, in printed material, including newspapers, magazines, periodicals - journals, books, etc., digital media, including other Web sites, archives digital communications networks and services provided, including wireless communications, to -- wired, cellular, cable and satellite.

Google Ad Policy

The site uses Google services to display ads on the site. Therefore, according to Google's policy, she may use information (not including name, address, email address or telephone number) about your visits to our site and other sites to provide advertisements for products and services that interest you.

The site allows you to place one of Google's advertising with the introduction of your code you receive from your account at Google, provided that each page which will be approved publication.

Anyone who violates the regulations and Google (which are extremely serious) ad his campaign is deleted and not even the right to appeal. Therefore, we urge all the language of a request not to press idle clicks on your advertising even one time. Also recommend to turn others to do so, Google has smart tools to identify crooks.

Site Policy about financial irregularities Google Ads

Management of the site runs are not responsible for members / visitors to the site for opening and managing Google AdSense account. Banner for the opening of any post-monetary issues and problems Adsense account, the address that is the focus of Google's support and management of the site runs no responsibility for any problem be created money issues (failures, late payment, stopping payments, non-payment, etc.) and other issues related to Google

Decision your advertisements on this site, given by Google and the site manager any ability and desire to influence it. Advertising is subject to the advertising program Google Adsense